Toni (Yun Jing) Liang


As an intern at CCHRC in 2012, Toni was involved with many community projects, programs and services that CCHRC offers including health fairs, educational material translation, research, fundraising, and referrals to community resources. Her primary role as a patient navigator serving the monolingual Chinese community provided her the opportunity to work with people from various socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Toni demonstrated compassion and enthusiasm in helping those who were in need. Utilizing her bicultural and bilingual background, Toni also assisted with promoting multilingual educational tools on various health topics via social media. In 2013, Toni was accepted into the Master’s program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, California.



“CCHRC is a big family that gives all the support and care to help you succeed in the real world. I was interested in interning at CCHRC because I could try different kinds of projects that were new to me or that I was interested in. Before I joined CCHRC, I was a quiet person, and could not make friends easily. After 8 months at CCHRC, I became more talkative and my communication skills improved. I felt more comfortable talking with library visitors and providing service to them. Also, I felt a sense of accomplishment after I helped them. The internship experience really gave me more strength to pursue my career in NGOs or non-profits.


I plan to work in a non-profit organization after I finish my graduate program. I hope to focus on helping women in developing countries through bringing new business plans and education to them. CCHRC really gave me an insight on how a non-profit functions. I definitely will recommend this internship program to prospective applicants because it really gave me a lot of room to try new projects and gain new skills. Also, I met a lot of great people and friends during the internship. This will be one of the best memories during my life in the US. Thanks for welcoming me to this big family. :)”


Toni (Yun Jing) Liang, 2013



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