Quality Assurance


To ensure the quality of its services, Chinese Community Health Resource Center operates under the guidance and leadership of a board of directors that includes representatives from the Chinese Hospital Health System, Chinese Community Health Plan, and the community. Moreover, CCHRC collaborates closely with local community-based organizations when assessing local needs, developing and administering programs and services, and conducting research projects.


Educational Material Development Process

CCHRC adopts a community based participatory approach with a rigorous validation process, which includes the following inclusive steps to engage with stakeholders:


Step 1: Educational topics are selected based on national trends and ongoing suggestions from healthcare providers, patients, CCHRC program participants, and other community members.

Step 2: After topics have been determined, CCHRC health education staff develops the English material based on current literature.  The English material is then reviewed by healthcare providers based on the topic area for clinical accuracy. Feedback is then incorporated into the English material before finalization.

Step 3: The finalized English material is then translated into Chinese by professional translators.

Step 4: The Chinese translation is field-tested (i.e. focus group, individual interviews) with the Chinese community, including patients and lay people, and their feedback is incorporated into the finalized Chinese material before dissemination. All Chinese translations are written at approximately 6th-grade level.