Terence Ng


Terence was an intern at CCHRC from June 2013 to January 2015. Terence was involved in a joint pilot project between CCHRC and UCSF titled “Home Tech Childhood Obesity Prevention Program”. He assisted in the development of the curriculum and lesson plans specifically on increasing physical activity and decreasing screen time. Terence was also provided with opportunities in research such as data collection, abstract and manuscript writing.



“As an undergraduate, I was part of the Public Health Association, where I conducted research and implemented health intervention programs to high school students in underserved areas. It was an enjoyable experience; therefore, I decided to continue working in public health when I moved back to San Francisco after graduating. I chose CCHRC because it provided hands-on experience in health outreach, education, and prevention as well as potential research opportunities. Moreover, as an Asian American, I felt strongly about the issues affecting the community and wanted to play a role in bringing these issues to light.


My experience at CCHRC helped hone my leadership, analytical, and critical thinking skills. I was involved in the development, implementation, and management of public health programs and developed a deep understanding on how these programs came into fruition. I was also provided with opportunities in research such as abstract and manuscript writing. Furthermore, my time with CCHRC helped me become even more culturally attuned. As a result, I am prepared and comfortable working with diverse populations.”


Terence Ng, 2015



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