Lydia Lian Liu



“I came to CCHRC for my community practicum because I’ve always been interested in serving my own community by using what I learned in school and my bilingual skills. CCHRC is a great fit to my interest. As a Master of Public Health student, I was given liberty to use all the skills toward serving the community and enhance my professionalism. I am currently doing another rotation at Kaiser Permanente, and what I learned in CCHRC has definitely helped me perform better in my current job, such as communication with coworkers, plan and organizing skills, customer service etc. I am grateful for the chance to work with all CCHRC staff. CCHRC fosters an organizational culture that gives the intern a platform to utilize their skills to create a better community as well as help CCHRC grow. I like the way how CCHRC spent time listening to the intern’s needs and tailoring the internship program to optimize the internship experience. I encourage those who are looking for a professional organization with flexibility and dedication to the community service to apply for the internship program. It’s an excellent program that you will learn a lot from.” 


Lydia (Lian) Liu, 2013



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