Erica Ho


Erica interned at CCHRC from July to September of 2017. Because of her interest in the underserved minority groups and health, she thought CCHRC would be an excellent venue to expand her education in her areas of interest. At CCHRC, Erica participated in reference search, drafting IRB forms, article writing, and social media management. Through these tasks, Erica demonstrated her writing abilities, and was able to enhance her critical thinking skills and attention to detail.



“I interned at CCHRC from July to September 2017. I chose to intern at CCHRC because it seemed really in tune with my undergraduate major and intended graduate field, Global Health. Despite the name, Global Health focuses on community- and local-level health issues. This is because no health issue can be addressed on a global scale, and solutions need to be unique and specific to every community. By getting experience in a community resource center, I was able to participate in projects that target health concerns specific to San Francisco’s Chinese immigrant community. Even though I wasn’t here for very long, I was given such a broad variety of assignments that my time here never felt lacking. I found it very thoughtful how the assignments given to me were in line with what I was comfortable with and what I enjoyed doing, but were presented in ways I was less familiar with, providing me with opportunities to learn and build my skills. I also appreciate that I was trusted to work independently, even with important tasks such as managing social media sites and writing articles. I never felt the work was tedious or too complicated, and I am very thankful for the learning opportunities this internship gave me. For these reasons, I’d highly recommend this internship program to prospective applicants. I think others would greatly benefit from an environment where they can be presented with a variety of tasks that directly serve a vital San Francisco community.”


Erica Ho, 2017



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