Christy Yao


Christy was an intern from October 2013 to April 2014. During her time at CCHRC, Christy was involved in a joint pilot project between CCHRC and UCSF titled “Home Tech Childhood Obesity Prevention Program”. Using her nutrition knowledge and bicultural/bilingual background, Christy helped to develop and translate culturally appropriate education material to prevent obesity among Chine-American preschoolers with immigrant parents. Christy demonstrated commendable responsibility and efficiency when completing her assignments and showed that she could work independently and dependably. In addition to her participation in this project, Christy also assisted at health fairs and community health education seminars, and helped in the translation of health articles.



“CCHRC is a great non-profit health organization for people to learn from.  CCHRC helps seniors to learn health information. It also offers a lot of different health classes for everyone, especially the Chinese community. When I interned at CCHRC, I felt happy and successful that I could help people get health information. As a foreign student with no working experience, I am so glad that CCHRC was my first internship experience. I worked as a marketing intern and patient navigator. It felt good to use my language abilities when helping and assisting Chinese community members get health information. During these several months, CCHRC gave me a lot of opportunities to join different kinds of projects and programs. I have learnt a lot of planning and organizing skills from this organization.


The people at CCHRC are very friendly; they always gave me support. They also give me a birthday lunch which made me feel so warm. We are like a family when building and creating a healthier Chinese community for everyone. I really appreciate CCHRC for giving me such a great internship experience. If I have time, I would volunteer again. I would definitely encourage people to join CCHRC because there is much to gain from them. :)”


Christy Yao, 2014



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