Available Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are meant to test new medications, treatments and approaches to diseases. They are experimental and not everyone will be helped. In fact, it might be that someone else might benefit from your participation in a clinical trial.

It is the way standard therapies for mild as well as life threatening diseases become available. There are not clinical trials for all diseases. But, when they are available it is how doctors and researchers learn how new therapies work, what is the best dosage of a new medication and how long someone should be treated. All of the existing treatments for cancer, heart disease etc. are the result of clinical trials.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any other serious illness you can ask your doctor about clinical trials. More people will ultimately live longer lives if others will participate in a clinical trial.

It is important that all ethnicities, as well as both men and women, see if a clinical trial is available and appropriate for them to participate.


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