2023 Lunar New Year


The Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC) would like to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous Year of the Rabbit!


Enjoy Lunar New Year, but please remember to celebrate in a safe and healthy way!


  • Avoid large social gatherings.
  • Give fruit, nuts, plants, and tea as gifts.
  • Drink water or tea instead of alcohol.
  • Include these healthy and lucky foods in your celebration:
    1. Fish = Surplus
    2. Chicken = Increased success and wealth
    3. Vegetables = Harmony and wealth
    4. Red fruits and vegetables = Abundance of good fortune
    5. Steamed foods = Prosperity
    6. Apples = Safe and sound
    7. Tangerines = Good luck
    8. Peaches = Finding love
    9. Pears = Good luck
    10. Dried black moss (Fat choy) = Prosperity, wealth, and job promotion
    11. Lotus seeds = Childbirth and good luck
    12. Dried oysters = Good fortune
    13. Noodles = Longevity


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