Giving to CCHRC

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CCHRC is a nonprofit (501c3) organization.

Donations of any size will be greatly appreciated. They will help us to:

  • Conduct seminars and workshops on health-related topics

  • Provide Individual counseling

  • Arrange transportation for cancer treatment

  • Offer support groups and education programs for cancer and other chronic diseases

  • Provide patient navigation services

  • Offer information and education on palliative care

  • Expand our information-rich website, www.cchrchealth.org and www.teensincharge.org

  • Develop bilingual health education materials

  • Maintain a Wellness Library

  • Further our community-based research

The Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC) respectfully requests your financial support so that we can continue and improve upon our efforts to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health education and social welfare services – of the highest quality, and at little or no cost – to the Chinese-American community, especially the Chinese immigrants of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The health and disease issues that CCHRC addresses affect the lives – either personally, or in regard to loved ones – of all of this community’s members. Regarding diseases, ranging from diabetes and heart disease to cancer, there are few in this community who are not directly or indirectly touched by these devastating illnesses. CCHRC particularly strives to serve those within it who do not have health insurance, and who may have a limited understanding of measures that can be taken to help prevent sickness.

The CCHRC services often go beyond standard health education: Using cancer treatment support services as an example, we arrange transportation for cancer patients to and from the hospital, refer them to local cancer support groups so they no longer have to fight the disease alone or in fear, and even get them in touch with programs than can deliver their groceries. We believe that every little bit of support that we can provide makes a great difference in the quality of life of these Chinese-Americans and their families.

Regarding disease prevention and management, CCHRC promotes regular health screenings that help individuals understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and teaches them ways to prevent or manage chronic illnesses. These steps can greatly improve their quality of life and increase their lifespan.

CCHRC is a nonprofit community education center. A large portion of our funding comes from generous donations from concerned community members like you. All donations, which may be made in memory or in honor of a family member or friend, are tax deductible. Please help us continue to provide high quality service and health education at little or no cost to those involved in our programs.