But at Farmhouse Inn, the ethos of both farm and house of

I was on Hugh Hewitt discussing my phone call with Obama’s buddy Rashid Khalidi the other day and posted it at my blog. For more on my phone call and more on how and why I predict a landslide for both candidates go to my blog. Everyone else is so tired of being beaten down into apathy by these psychopaths, that they don’t care if the world ends Wednesday, November 5, 2008 and actually are hoping it will and looking forward to it.

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canada goose coats The aesthetic is quintessential California Country shabby chic and whitewash all the way, with the cavernous marble, tile and nickel bathrooms that Americans love.Farmhouse Inn’s guest rooms have a shabby chic aestheticThat the restaurant is superb is due in no small part to being a beneficiary of the bounty of Bartolomei owned farms and orchards (which produce everything from kale and tiger melons to figs and ornamental flowers, not forgetting the requisite dozen odd varieties of heirloom tomatoes and free range eggs). That your reception at any of the fine boutique wineries within a few minutes’ drive is apersonal one is thanks to Jennifer Jesperson, the Inn’s master sommelier, who usually accompanies guests to ensure the knowledge dive they take issuitably deep.In the cosy reception, thereare enamel buckets and baskets piled next to artfully arrayed bins and bottles of bathsalts, oils, shaved soaps all made from farm produce, all intended for help yourself, no limits use (though you’d be missing a trick to not book at least onetreatment in the glorious spa, with its fresh lavender and alfafa stuffed mattresses on the massage beds). But at Farmhouse Inn, the ethos of both farm and house of bounty and welcome are still present in a way that’s timeless in its honesty. canada goose coats

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